Case studies

Banking and Financial Services

The Financial Services industry is undergoing a revolution. Financial technology, or FinTech, as it's commonly known has enabled companies to expand their market reach and provide digital services to their customers.

Case study
We helped a Financial Services client based in New York city set up, document, and automate a key DevOps platform environment. ​The result was increased application reliability, security, and global availability.

Media and Entertainment

Capturing and retaining users' attention has become more important, even as it has gotten harder due to increased competition. X9 Studios helps media companies expand their reach.

Case study
Our client, a major global media company, looked to modernize their entire technology stack. We converted their applications to modern platforms and moved all their data to the cloud. This resulted in a superior, more performant customer offering and backoffice experience.

Real Estate

One of the most rapid changing industries, real estate is particularly well-suited to digital transformation. Real estate data can be used to make better projections and keep investors and stakeholders better informed.

Case study
We helped our client in the real estate industry build a solution to better manage funds and provide more insights and analytics to investors in real estate.


Another rapidly evolving industry is retail, where technology is giving companies more insights into customer behaviour, which can be used to increase sales.

Case study
Our retail client wanted to build a loyalty program. We used their existing customer data to offer insights that helped define the goals of the loyalty program and then built it using cloud technologies.


Pharmaceutical companies can use technology to track both patient data. Being able to collect and utilize data can give insights into new product development and improve existing sales.

Case study
Our client in the pharmaceutical industry contacted X9 Studios to build out an e-commerce solution so they could directly sell to the customer. We built a system to store patient health records and digital prescriptions as well as a mobile app for the customer.

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